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Dotted Line Around My Heart, Cut It Well

A Beautiful Neglection

13 June
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"Sit And Think A While, And You'll Realize You'll Still Die
If You're Not Thinking At All, I'm Not Sure Why You're Alive."

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War Kills You Know

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I love music, I am music.
I love art, I am art.
I love photography, I am a photographer.
I have I have 22 piercings, including my tongue.
I play guitar, and sing.
I am in love.
I love concpets that most people wouldn't understand.
I love politics.
I hate bush.
I love movies.

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I love to write silly songs :D
I love my boyfriend.
I like to dance.
I love to party.

"You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sushine. When You're Unhappy, My Skies Are Gray...."

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